A General Investment Account (GIA) is a flexible savings option, giving you the freedom to invest beyond the pension and ISA allowances.

What are the main benefits?

Whilst there are no tax benefits for investing in a GIA, you do get a wide choice of investment options and the flexibility to make regular withdrawals, if needed. You can also contribute as much or as little as you want, accessing your money when you wish. You could use the GIA as a means to ‘hold’ your investments until your ISA allowance renews at the start of a new tax year.

The Modular GIA?

The Modular GIA is available through the Modular iPlan, our flexible and cost-effective solution for you to manage your pensions and investments – in one place. Starting with the Modular iSIPP, our pension product, you can access a wide range of funds and investment options, with online access to tools and reports. With the Modular iSIPP in place, you have the option to add the Modular GIA if you want to invest beyond the pension and ISA allowances or the Modular ISA which offers complimentary tax advantages to the SIPP.

What can I invest in with the Modular GIA?

Through the Modular GIA you can invest in a wide range of investments, including collective investment funds (such as unit trusts and OEICs) and investment trusts.

You can appoint third party investment managers to make investment decisions on your behalf and you can open an account with a stockbroker to buy and sell stocks and shares.

You can change investments at any time, unless an investment has restrictions.

Can I manage my GIA online?

One of the most important aspects of the Modular GIA is the online functionality that enables you to keep track of your investments. With James Hay Online, you can apply for a product, create an illustration to see what you might get back from your investments, get up to date valuations and much more. Our services are online and available 24/7 so you can access valuation reports and have the flexibility to buy, switch or sell investments at any time.

For more information about the Modular GIA, you can view our key features document and terms and conditions to help you decide if it’s right for you. It’s important that you understand that investments can go down as well as up in value, so you could get back less than you put in. At James Hay, we are unable to give financial advice so if you do not currently have a financial adviser, we would recommend you seek advice. You can search for a regulated financial adviser in your area via www.unbiased.co.uk or by calling 0800 023 6868.


Ready to apply

    1. Once your Modular iSIPP is set up, you can register for a James Hay Online accountYou will receive an email to your chosen address to validate your account.
    2. Complete an online product illustration to see what the Modular iPlan might give you, based on your chosen products (SIPP, ISA and GIA), level of contributions and how you choose to invest your money.
    3. Complete an online product application. Please remember your financial adviser must set up your Modular iSIPP before you can add the Modular GIA or ISA.

If you currently hold a SIPP with James Hay outside of the Modular iPlan, you can transfer in to the Modular iPlan and access additional products with us. If you are considering moving products, we strongly recommend you speak to a regulated financial adviser as the charges and options of the product will be different.


Further information