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Tax-efficient investing with access anytime

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Another dimension to your Modular iPlan

Once you have set up your Modular iSIPP, you are free to add an Individual Savings Account (ISA) A savings and investment scheme set up by the government that allows a certain amount to be invested each tax year, with proceeds free of income tax and capital gains tax. Depending on what they invest in, ISAs can be classified as cash ISAs (for savings and deposits) and stocks and shares ISAs (for stockmarket-linked investments). to your Modular iPlan for no extra set up charge.

As with the Modular iSIPP, our Modular ISA offers plenty of investment choice. The James Hay Investment Centre offers over 3,700 funds plus access to stocks and shares through a stockbroker. You can also add our ‘Whole of Market’ module to invest in other investment funds.

Investments can carry high levels of risk. We strongly encourage you to seek regulated financial advice to make sure any investment is suitable for you.

What the ISA offers:

  • Over 3,700 funds through our online Investment Centre
  • A stockbroker service
  • Whole of Market module to access additional investment funds

ISAs – your perfect SIPP partner

An ISA can be a great addition to your Modular iPlan, offering complementary advantages to a SIPP that can give you even greater wealth-planning flexibility – see panel below.

Plus, you can view all your Modular iPlan investments together online. So it’s easy to assess how your overall portfolio is invested and track its latest value. As a stock-market linked investment, ISAs do carry risks (see below), so please check it is suitable before you invest.

SIPP (must be included)ISA (optional)GIA (optional)
Contribute up to 100% of annual taxable income, normally subject to £40,000 limit* Invest up to £20,000 a year (2024/25 limit)** No investment limit
Tax relief given on contributions No tax relief on what you invest No tax relief on what you invest
Fund grows largely tax-free Fund grows largely tax-free Fund growth is taxable
Can usually only be accessed from age 55 Access at any time Access at any time
Take 25% of fund tax-free Take 100% of fund tax-free Income and capital gains subject to tax
Optional investment modules
- Whole of Market
- Commercial Property
Optional investment modules
- Whole of Market
Optional investment modules
- Whole of Market

*These are the limits for contributions receiving tax relief; non-taxpayers can contribute up to £3,600; unused contribution allowances can be carried forward to the next tax year

**You can split the amount you pay into an ISA between a cash ISA, a stocks and shares ISA and an innovative finance ISA as you choose, up to the £20,000 limit. If you do not use the ISA subscription limit in any tax year you cannot carry it forward or add it to the limit of the next tax year.

Who can open an ISA?

Please remember

The Modular ISA is not suitable for all investors. We strongly encourage you to get regulated financial advice before proceeding. James Hay Partnership is not authorised to give financial advice. If you do not already have a financial adviser, you can find an authorised adviser in your local area at www.unbiased.co.uk or call 0800 023 6868. You can also get useful and impartial information about pensions, savings and investments from MoneyHelper (www.moneyhelper.org.uk).

Current tax legislation and HMRC practice could change in the future. This may affect the value of your investments. In addition, your individual circumstances will impact the tax treatment of your Modular ISA and may also be subject to change in the future.

Capital At Risk Warning

The value of your Modular ISA will be determined by the valuation of all the investments held within it. Depending on the type of investments that you choose to hold within your Modular ISA, some of these may not return the amount you initially invested especially where their value can go down as well as up.

There are risks to investing. To read more about them, click here.


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