As a specialist platform for retirement wealth planning, James Hay works with advisers to help investors successfully navigate the second half of their financial lives.

We’ve been working with financial advisers and their clients for more than 40 years, providing the means to administer pensions, savings and investments in a cost and tax efficient way, and challenging industry norms from the get-go. Today over 57,000* investors trust James Hay to look after more than £28bn* worth of pension and investment savings.

From being one of the first SIPP providers in the UK to pioneering the modular approach to retirement wealth planning, James Hay works to earn the trust of advisers. Our flagship retirement planning vehicle, the Modular iPlan, embraces the modular approach for SIPPs, ISAs and General Investment Accounts. This proposition enables fair and flexible pricing ensuring investors only pay for what they use, while they're using it.

We're able to continue to innovate thanks to the investment support of our shareholder, the independent private equity manager, Epiris.

*correct as at 30 September 2021