Key features:

  • Manage your investments according to your own investment objectives.
  • Take control over where and when you invest.
  • Option to make regular withdrawals, if required.

The James Hay Wrap offers a flexible solution for you to consolidate your assets in one place, at a fair price.

The Wrap is a portfolio management service, designed to manage your assets efficiently. You can benefit from a wide range of investments to support your goals and personal needs. We provide your financial adviser with essential tools to help them buy, sell and manage the assets in which you have invested.

You must have a regulated financial adviser who is advising you to use the Wrap service and hold products within it.

The following products are available with the Wrap:

Investment Portfolio

When you set up your Wrap service, an Investment Portfolio is created for you to hold a range of investments such as stocks and shares, investments funds and unit trusts. You can then apply to open any, or all, of the following tax efficient Wrap products:


A Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) is a great way to save for the long term and get tax relief on your contributions. With the Wrap SIPP, your investments can grow largely free of tax, and from the age of 55, you can take pension benefits when you need them and enjoy a tax-free lump sum.


An ISA provides a tax efficient environment for your investments to grow and you can withdraw any amount, tax free, at any time. The Wrap ISA is a Stocks and Shares ISA, as defined by the ISA regulations. You can invest up to £20,000 in the current tax year (2024/25).

Offshore Bond

With an Offshore Bond, your investments grow largely free of tax, and within certain limits, you can take withdrawals without an immediate liability to income tax. Offshore Bonds are provided and administered by RL360 in the Isle of Man. RL360 provides offshore savings, protection and investments for customers in 170 different countries.


literatureYou can read our key features document for the Wrap Offshore Bond here

literatureYou can read our key features document for the Wrap Investment Portfolio, SIPP and ISA here


Please note: You must have the Investment Portfolio in place before you can apply for a SIPP, ISA or Offshore Bond.

Our monthly transaction charges

Overall Wrap Portfolio Valuation*Transaction Charging Rate (p.a.)
First £500,000 0.35%
Next £500,000 (up to £1,000,000) 0.15%
Over £1,000,000 0.05%
Minimum charge £32 per month

*Excluding the value of any property held within the SIPP.

The overall James Hay Wrap value (excluding the value of any property held within the SIPP and the value of any bank accounts across the Wrap products) will be taken and, using the transaction charging rates set out above, divided by 12 to calculate the monthly transaction charge. See the full charges schedule below for more information including all other Wrap related charges.

We have provided some documents below to guide you and your financial adviser through the application process.


literatureWrap application pack


literatureWrap Terms and Conditions


literatureWrap Key Features


literatureWrap Charges Schedule


literatureKey Features of the Wrap Offshore Bond



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