One of the great advantages of SIPPs is that they allow a wide range of investment types including direct investment in commercial property, allowing you to put almost any business premises (and associated rental income) into your retirement savings.


You can hold a wide range of commercial properties in a James Hay SIPP, including:




Farms / Agricultural sites

Licensed Premises

Nursing Homes

James Hay Partnership has over twenty years experience in managing commercial properties and we currently manage approximately 4,000 properties.

Commercial Property is a popular investment option because you can borrow against the value of the investments in your SIPP to fund property related transactions. Current legislation permits you to borrow up to 50% of the net value of your SIPP. A SIPP with a net value of £200,000 could therefore borrow up to £100,000. If you borrow against your SIPP, any rental income from the resulting property purchase being used to repay the loan must cover the repayments by 130% on a variable rate loan and 110% on a fixed rate loan.

Solicitor Panel

James Hay works closely with a select group of solicitors who as well as being specialists in commercial property transactions, have extensive experience in dealing with our SIPP products and processes.

You are free to select a solicitor from our panel or we can select one for you. We select solicitors on a rotational basis and once a solicitor has been appointed to act on behalf of a particular customer’s SIPP, we will endeavour to continue to utilise them to ensure an ongoing and consistent service is provided to you. We do not receive any commission or payment from the solicitors on our panel. 

As part of our appointment process, solicitors on our panel agree to charge our customers in line with the following fee schedule.

Where work is undertaken that is not covered by the fee schedule, our panel solicitor will agree any additional charges with you before they carry out the work. The solicitor’s fees are separate to the charges we take for managing commercial property in your James Hay SIPP. For further details of our charges, please refer to your product charges schedule, which can be found in the litertaure section.

Caroline Probert
01722 412 512

Amanda Read
Coffin Mew
023 8033 4661

Giles Bevan-Thomas
Parker Bullen
01264 400 500

Julian Pyrke
Gregg Latchams
020 7855 9640

Sarah Gray
01382 342 279

Joanne Wilson
Morton Fraser
0141 375 0804

David Milne
MacRoberts LLP
01382 339 355

Andrea McCann
John McKee Solicitors
028 9023 2303

Key Documents

For more information purchasing and managing a commercial property in your SIPP please visit the literature section.

Property Management

Commercial properties are managed by CBRE, our appointed managing agent.


Please note: The Property Department works on a strict rotation basis and whilst we always seek to provide excellent customer service we are unable to treat any items as urgent. Please also remember that a SIPP commercial property purchase takes an average of 8-12 weeks from the time solicitors are instructed by us.