From 31 May 2017, we will be changing some of our charges on our Modular iPlan, Modular iSIPP (pre-Modular iPlan), eSIPP, Partnership SIPP and ex-Clerical Medical eSIPP. The changes amend the terms and conditions for these products.

For information regarding changes to the charges of the IPS SIPP, IPS (2008) SIPP, IPS Pension Builder SIPP and IPS Family SIPP, please click here.

Alastair Conway, CEO James Hay Partnership, explains in more detail below why we are making changes.

Please ensure you have read all the documentation carefully.

If you need any further information, contact your financial adviser in the first instance, or call us on 03333 202 733.

Transfer to the Modular iSIPP

If you are considering a transfer to the Modular iSIPP, please download the forms relating to your product below.

Questions and Answers

Please click on your product below, which will direct you to a page to help answer any questions you may have as a result of these changes.