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To access the range of tools and functionality available in James Hay Online, you will need to register. Please complete our straightforward, four step registration process.

Please enter your firm's FCA number in the box and then click 'Search'. If details regarding your firm are held within our system, your organisation will appear in the Pre-registered Organisation(s) drop down menu for selection. If your firm is selected, the firm details will be automatically populated. If your firm is not pre-registered, you can still register for online access by manually completing your firm details below.

Before you can start accessing James Hay Online using your newly setup login credentials, you will be sent an email to validate the address entered in the registration process.

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Please choose your James Hay Online login details and click ‘Submit Your Registration’. You’ll need to use the ‘Check’ button to ensure that your chosen username is available.

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Please follow these guidelines when creating a password or passcode.

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