The Technical Support Unit has prepared a series of short webinars covering pensions and tax topics that may be of interest to advisers. Subjects covered include the latest legislative developments and discussions of the more commonly asked questions. 

The most recent webinars are below.

The ISA regime

In this webinar, we discuss the possibilities of using an ISA wrapper as part of an inheritance tax planning exercise.  We consider how investments in qualifying Alternative Investment Market (AIM) shares held in an ISA can reduce the inheritance tax liability on the saver’s death.

By-pass Trust in the new era of nominations

By-pass trusts are discussed in this webinar. In this new era of nominations, since April 2015, we consider the impact this has on your clients within the James Hay Partnership carve out trusts and demonstrate using case studies.

PAYE on Pension Income

In this webinar we look at the tax implications on pension income. Covering pay-as-you-earn, personal annual allowance, employment and claiming pension income. Case studies are used to demonstrate various types of situations.

Theory on nominations

This webinar is about the change of nominations in the April 2015 budget. Using case studies to demonstrate how this works in practice.