Hand running across a braille document

We have 40 years’ experience in supporting customers on their journey to, at and through retirement. From this experience, comes our understanding of what our customers want and how we can support their journey, whatever their personal circumstances may be.

That’s why we have developed our services to provide extra help if needed. We understand that you may suffer from a visual impairment which makes it difficult to read or manage correspondence. We therefore offer a variety of alternative formats to help.

We offer a Braille service* and an audio service* on request. We also offer a large print service with a variety of options: we can use an external large print service provider* or, for a quicker solution, we can increase the size of the document and photocopy it on to A3 paper. Alternatively, if you have a magnifier on your computer and are signed up to James Hay Online, we can also send you letters and documents via secure message so that you can view the document digitally, using your magnifier.

Just call our Customer Service Team on 03455 212 414 (or via the Typetalk service on 18001 03455 212 414) and let us know your requirements. We can then ensure that going forward, you will receive letters and documents in a format that suits you.

*These services may take up to two weeks