Remediation Project Lead (Salisbury & Bristol)


Job Title: Remediation Project Lead
Salary band: dependent on experience
Reporting To: Chief of Staff
Based: Bristol & Salisbury



Job Purpose/Summary:

To manage existing remediation project work through to successful completion.


Job Dimension/Scope:

The job may be based in Salisbury or Bristol but there is likely to be significant time spent on the Bristol site. The job involves managing work within operational teams but does not have line management or financial responsibility.


Main Accountabilities:

  • Understand and confirm the objectives and scope of remediation work
  • Create/maintain project plans, sharing with the project team to ensuring understanding and commitment
  • Ensure appropriate resources are allocated to remediation work
  • Drive progress to plan, tracking achievement and identifying and resolving issues
  • Identify and track remediation related risks and managing down risk exposure
  • Use a combination of traditional and agile delivery methods as appropriate
  • Report project progress including feeding into the overall Conduct tracking process


Key working relationships and external/internal contacts:

  • Working with operational business leads and team members
  • Interfacing to senior management team on Conduct achievement


Job knowledge, skills, qualifications and experience required:

  • Experience and track record managing established projects using a structured project management approach
  • Familiarity with the business areas and processes subject to remediation
  • Appreciation of the importance of successful remediation to James Hay business
  • Appreciation of business and project risk management


Person Specification, personal attributes and soft skills:

  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability wot work effectively with operational staff
  • Disciplined and structured and fact based approach
  • Ability to drive progress and achieve results



  • Thinking Investor
  • Working as a Team
  • Doing the right Thing
  • Taking Responsibility


Behaviours (How):

  • Confident
  • Professional
  • Progressive
  • Engaging


Investor Outcomes:

  • Outcome 1 - James Hay is a safe and secure business to use for my retirement and wealth management needs
  • Outcome 2 - I am confident James Hay acts with integrity and ensures my interests as an investor are first at all times
  • Outcome 7 - I can easily see if my James Hay portfolio is on track to support my overall retirement and investment goals
  • Outcome 9 - I am in control and understand my options and the risks when taking my retirement funds as retirement income or ad-hoc withdrawals
  • Outcome 10 - If James Hay causes something to go wrong, I know they will fix it on a timely basis and look after me