1. If you are in the Modular iPlan

Choose which Modular iPlan product you wish to set up next (if you are an existing James Hay client, you should have a Modular iSIPP already in place).

To confirm you are happy with what a product could potentially provide and the impact of charges, please complete a product illustration before you apply.

If you have previously set up James Hay products through an adviser, you will need to register for an online account with us to apply for products yourself.

> Register for James Hay Online Account

> Apply to set up Modular ISA

> Apply to set up Modular GIA

You can apply to add a Modular ISA and Modular GIA in James Hay Online, if you have a Modular iSIPP. In the Portfolio tab, click the 'Apply for additional products' button.


2. If you are not in the Modular iPlan

If you currently hold a SIPP with James Hay outside of the Modular iPlan, you can move to the Modular iPlan and are then free to set up other products with us. If you are considering moving products, we strongly recommend you speak to a regulated financial adviser as the charges and options of the product will be different.