What is the Investment Centre

The Investment Centre is our fund platform giving you access to the UK’s leading fund providers in one convenient place. We have relationships with the leading fund groups in the UK to offer access to over 3,700 funds. The Investment Centre offers discounted fund charges and lower minimum investment entry levels when compared to going direct to the fund manager yourself.

Make the most of the Investment Centre with James Hay Online, where fund prices are updated daily so you can see how your funds are performing and you can trade 24/7.

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What is a fund?

A fund is an investment that puts together (or pools) the money of lots of individuals. A fund manager then invests that money on behalf of the investors in a wide range of assets. Different funds focus on different risk profiles, sectors, regions and objectives, so you need to find funds that match your objectives and time horizons. You can invest in an ‘active’ fund where a professional fund manager selects the investment in the portfolio with the aim of outperforming the market to give you superior returns. Or you can invest in ‘passive’ funds that track the performance of an index such as the FTSE 100.

Funds can be ‘retail’ or ‘institutional’. Retails funds are available to everyone while institutional funds are normally only available to professional and much higher value investors, typically pension companies. Please note: we offer institutional funds through Select and Wrap fund ranges but you can only access these if you have a financial adviser appointed.

Why invest in Investment Centre funds?

If you want help with managing your investments, then funds are worth considering as they give you access to professional fund management and means your money is spread across multiple assets, giving you exposure to companies and indices than you could not individually invest in directly and a diversified portfolio, which in theory should reduce your risk and smooth returns over time. There are different types of funds to match your risk profile and time horizons. There are equity funds suitable for investors with a higher risk tolerance and bond funds for those nearing retirement and looking to preserve capital.

How can I find out more about the funds available?

With over 3,700 funds to choose from and different types of funds, it can be difficult to find funds that will meet your investment objectives. Click the icon to access fund research, a tool where you can search for funds by fund group, sector and access key documents related to the fund, including fund factsheets and key investor information document (KIID).

Following a recent update to legislation, Fund Managers are required to publish target market information to help investors review if the relevant funds are compatible with their needs. You can download the target market information for each fund on the Investment Centre here.

Funds ranges available to you

You can find out which fund ranges you can access for your product.

Please note:  Wrap is only available if you have a financial adviser appointed.


Points to consider

The Investment Centre may not be suitable for all investors and if you are in any doubt we strongly recommend that you talk to a regulated financial adviser. If you do not have a financial adviser, you can find a regulated adviser close to you at www.unbiased.co.uk.

You can also find useful and impartial information about pensions, savings and investments on the Money Advice Service

Capital At Risk Warning

The value of the Investment Centre funds is not guaranteed and can go down as well as up.