The cut off dates for notifying us of income changes can be found in the tables below.

Modular iSIPP, Wrap SIPP, Partnership SIPP, iSIPP, Private Client SIPP, eSIPP, Select SIPP, Ex-Protected Rights SIPP.

MonthCut off date
February 2017 18 January
March 2017 15 February
April 2017 20 March
May 2017 13 April
June 2017 17 May
July 2017 19 June
August 2017 18 July
September 2017 17 August
October 2017 18 September
November 2017 18 October
December 2017 17 November
January 2018 14 December


We must be in receipt of your instruction through James Hay Online to change or set up an income payment for existing benefits by 5pm on the cut off date in order for the change to the income payment to be effective for the first of the following month. All income payments are set up to reach the SIPP bank account on the 1st of every month.

Please note, we will only be able to meet the cut-off date if all our requirements have been satisfied. If you need clarification of any of our requirements, please contact us prior to the relevant cut off date.

If you are concerned whether your request will reach us on time, or if you experience any issues, please contact your Account Executive Team or call us on 03455 212 414.


If you need to speak directly to HM Revenue & Customs about anything relating to taxation, including changes to your tax code, please call 0300 200 3300. For reference, our payroll number is 503/W40774.


You can amend income and convert from capped to flexi-access drawdown simply using James Hay Online. Please log in and go to the Portfolio > Income Summary tab.

If you do not already have access to James Hay Online, you can register here. A registration code will be sent to your home address within 5 working days. You must validate the access by entering the registration code, after which you will be able to change the income.

IPS Pension Builder, IPS (2008) SIPP & Bristol SSAS

MonthCut off date
January 2017 28 December
February 2017 27 January
March 2017 24 February
April 2017 27 March
May 2017 26 April
June 2017 29 May
July 2017 26 June
August 2017 27 July
September 2017 28 August
October 2017 25 September
November 2017 27 October
December 2017 27 November

Income payments are set up to be received by the beneficiary bank account on the ninth of the month, or the previous working day if the ninth falls on a weekend or bank holiday.

IPS SIPP, Family SIPP, London SSAS & Manchester SSAS

MonthCut off date
January 2017 9 January
February 2017 8 January
March 2017 8 March
April 2017 10 April
May 2017 8 May
June 2017 8 June
July 2017 10 July
August 2017 8 August
September 2017 8 September
October 2017 9 October
November 2017 8 November
December 2017 8 December

Income payments are set up to be received by the beneficiary on the twenty first of the month, or the previous working day if the twenty first falls on a weekend or bank holiday.